people will ship anything new and shiny on that show. fickle fandom is fickle.

It’s hard to ship something like that when Marley is the most boring character on the planet. I’d rather watch an hour of her mom serving lunch to the kids (I really like her mom).



If he’s healthy it’s a good move, they basically swapped Bynum and a draft pick which is a steal for the Lakers, considering they get to keep Pau. Magic were kind of robbed in this, but we don’t care do we? Haha.

And about Dwight not signing an extension, that doesn’t mean he’s going to leave after 1 year, just means he’s smart enough to make sure he’ll get the max amount if he decides to extend contract or sign with anyone. Gotta secure that income!


wow. not jealous or anything.

Come visit you can sleep on my couch (photo not included)


omg why am i laughing so hard?

I don’t know! Why are you?! :p


i remember that text message well.


Haunting the dreams of people.


then like a couple days later you’ll be like “lalala going to australia forever BYE!”

LOL I literally leave 2 days later. My poor family.


is it one of those things that goes really fast or was it moving slowly above your possible death? haha

Some of them went a little fast, but one of them I actually got stuck ‘cause I was breaking too soon, so I had to pull myself to safety by the rope lol


ooohhhh. looks like you had fun! jealous. that looks fucking scary omg

I was terrified! But once you got going it really wasn’t scary at all haha